Help with text arcing needed!

Hello Kirupa professionals. I need your help to make this little thing, which I can’t figure out myself. Well the problem is I have a source code of dynamic text arcing and it works ok but only if it have 1 dynamic text field. What I need is to have 2 dynamic text fields on one screen where if you type text in the 1 field, it writes like in the angleText.fla example and if you write text in the 2 field, it writes like in the angleText_flipped.fla example but all this things should be executed in one movie! I just cant figure out how to do that, what modifications to the angleText.fla code I need to do so that it worked. PLEASE help me out to do that.

If anyone have any other examples and source codes of how to make dynamic text go round the circle or Arc please upload it here I will be appreciate this.

Thank you.