Help with the php contact form please

sorry to be such a noob but I am struggling to get kirupa’s php contact form tutorial to work for me.

the source files work perfectly when I upload them to my server - but when I insert the form into my flash website - I am unable to receive the contact email at all.

The problem must be with the flash file becuase I have not altered the php (except to send to my email)

I am using Flash CS3 (but publishing for action script2) I have double checked all my input field sare named correctly with var_names that match the php code. The form fields have been created as a moviclip named “form” and the following action script attached:

// show welcome screen

the send button has the following code attached:

on (release) {
// send variables in form movieclip (the textfields)
// to email PHP page which will send the mail
form.loadVariables(“email.php”, “POST”);

Basically everything is identical to the tutorial source files (which I tested with success) except it has been inserted intoa flash website timeline

no email contact is received at all now.

anyone have a clue what I am missing???

Much appreciated!