Help with this menu

I am sure many of you have seen this menu before -=x[ Link ]x=- it’s really a cool menu that’s not THAT complicated. What I am wondering is, how do I make the menu ease in to the selection like on the SECOND example in the movie at the end of the tutorial.

I am not that great with advanced action commands so be gentle ok? :slight_smile: Thanks!

There is a .zip file you can download on the page that contains examples of all 3 menus. The one that says deceleration is the one that does it.

You can see how they did it through that.

2 Things.

  1. I feel like an idiot. I didnt even see the last layer there, not to mention click on it to see the actions :slight_smile: Thanks alot…

  2. Is there anywhere I can and read up on how all of those commands work. I mean I understand some of them but I really want to know more. Do you recommend books or is there somewhere on the net I can learn. I say this because i dont have a lot of money right now with christmas and my anniversary coming up…

BTW thanks alot for all the help here guys - this is a great place to learn so much…

Hrmmm, Friends of Ed books are great, but advanced, O’Reilly books are good, and the book by Colin Moock is good (the name escapes me right now, he is coming out with a second book soon, but I would get the first one first…lol).

As for what each thing does, it would be lenghty to go through the whole thing, is there anything specific you don’t understand?

If you are looking for a good fast reference to certain commands, or properties, etc in the code… use the AS dictionary that is built into MX… it isnt a definitive guide, but it is a really good help for getting an idea of what is going on in the code. It helps until you get a book (I’d suggest “Flash MX Studio” by Friends of Ed, excellent.


What do you guys think of the book “flash MX bible” I have heard that these “bible” books are the best out there on the subjects they take on.

I am wondering, are they the kind of book that tells you absolutly everything flash has to offer with a few tutorials on how to do it or is it a good book with alot of learning through doing.

I am really looking into the books you guys have suggested. I just hope they arent really expensive :slight_smile: