Help with transitions


I’ve got a little problem with my transitions. I want the transition from the attached file to load home.swf (which is working) but I want the animation of the rotating cube in the transition to repeat itself if the home.swf file isn’t loaded @ the end of the first cube animation.
I’ve tried messing around with the code a little bit but I can’t get it to work. The cube just stops rotating if the home.swf mc hasn’t been fully loaded @ the end of the closing animation, and it stays in that position untill the home.swf mc has been fully loaded. Then the opening animation starts playing.
And I don’t want to put the rotating cube in a seperate mc, and put that one in the transition mc because the 2 animations (rotating cube’s start position will be messed up, resetting it to the starting position in the middle of a rotation doesn’t look good :slight_smile: ) will not follow each other up properly. I’ve placed the .fla HERE

Thnx 4 your time! Code R.