Help with variables

Ok I need a little bit of help with variables (i think).

I have a program, which has a main menu page, and then 4 other pages which are loaded in when they are selected from the menu.

I want it so there is a “close” button in the top right corner of the stage, and when you press this, it just goes to a blank page (or even takes the .swf off the .html file it is embedded in, but this isnt the issue and would take too much work as i have NO idea how to do it).

Anyway, here is where I am stuck. I only want the close button to work if all of the 4 pages have been loaded and viewed. So, if a user clicks the close button and has looked at all but one of the 4 pages, a message will come up and say “You have still not looked at “x” page, please do so before exiting”.

How the hell would I go about doing this? :smiley: Im pretty sure it involves variables, but I dont have any idea about how to use them.

Thank you in advance!