Help With Vertical scrolling dynamic text that can be seperate clickable links

Can someone help me please?

I am wondering how to make a movie clip that contains automatic vertical scrolling dynamic text(from an external .txt file)

I dont want to press buttons to scroll text, I need it to be constantly scrolling, then loop once the text has been read from the external txt file.

I also require each line of the dynamic text to be clickable links that will take each line of text to a specific link.

Can anyone help me with this, I would be really grateful for any instructions?

Ive uploaded a zip file containing fla and swf i found which shows vertical scrolling text. However if i move any of the graphics and text field clips around the stage the text cannot be seen anymore. why is this? can you put all of the items on the main stage in a movie clip so i can resize and move the scroller around the stage?? I tried this but again the text disapeared when i exported the movie? Is this due to the x + y co ordinates in the scripting?

How can you adjust the size of this scroller without this happening?

Can the scrolling text be taken from an external file and each line of text be a seperate hyperlink?

Follow this link (copy and paste it into your browser window, DONT click on it):

Thanks again

take a look here it has many examples of what i am after:



Hi Freeeky,
I don’t know if you still need it or not but I came across this it is a url to a downloadable fla of more or less exactly what you were looking for, I hope this helps:bandit:

unfortuantely that file uses tweening animations and is set to a specific number of scrollable text links.

I need to find a fla which allows an external txt or xml file to be fed into it, thus allowing it to be dynamic and reliant on the external file rather than animated movie clips.

found this which is handy:

but does not allow for external txt files to feed the info to it.

can anyone help me with a version of this ticker but with the use of an external txt file.

I want the file to link to a txt or xml file that can feed the swf file animation.


you should be able to use an array to do this, it should allow you to use an external txt file to define the contents of that array… but I am not very good with arrays… so you’ll need some other help, and actually I am interested in something similar to this so I’d love to see how to creat the array and have it read the file.

Pom? Lost? et al…



… am I wrong about the array thing?

Found this:

It is almost what i want but…

I dont want to have to click a get url button to take me to a link, I just want to be able to click on the scrolling text and then it to take me direct to another page, or open up another window.

Can someone help???


bump I also posted a request for somthing similar ot this.