Help with xml driven news displayer

ok here is my code which works fine, might be a little raw but well i would appreciate all help possible :), ok the problem im having is that, each news in my xml has a month attribute, and i would like to show only the ones that has the same attribute lets say the user clicks on a button from a dropdown for example “june” and i would like to show only the ones with “june” month attribute, and it does, but it leaves me some spaces like the ones that are not “june” for this example still shows but as a blank new space, dunno if im clear :(, i think is the “for…” part the does the trick but i have tried so many times that i dont know what to do i cant get how to…

so if you where so kind to help me out i would greatly appreciate it :confused:

thanks in advance

var currPage = 0;
var showAmount = 10;
// set this to the amount of entries you want to view at a time
var today_date = new Date();
var date_str = ((today_date.getMonth()+1)+"/"+today_date.getDate()+"/"+today_date.getFullYear());
// **** Load XML ****************************
myXML = new XML();
myXML.ignoreWhite = true;
receiverXML = new XML();
myXML.onLoad = function(success) {
myXML.contentType = “text/xml”;
if (success) {
} else {
trace(“Error loading XML file”);
myIdentifier = Math.round(Math.random()10000);
receiverXML.onLoad = function() {
this.contentType = “text/xml”;
_parent.currPage = 0;
XML.prototype.showXML = function() {
portMain.port.inside.notitexto.scroll = 1;
portMain.port.inside.notitexto.htmlText = “”;
//portMain.port.inside._alpha = 0;
var numItems = this.firstChild.childNodes.length;
//var firstItem = numItems-(currPage
for (i=numItems-1; i>=0; i–) {
//portMain.port.inside.notitexto.htmlText = “”;
//loadMovie(“noticias/notifoto”+i+".jpg", portMain.port[“dup”+i].notitarget);//
portMain.port.inside.notitarget._alpha = 0;
portMain.port.attachMovie(“notiduplicador”, “dup”+i, i);
portMain.port[“dup”+i].notitarget._y = 15;
portMain.port[“dup”+i].noticianumero = this.firstChild.childNodes*;
noticia* = this.firstChild.childNodes*.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue;
portMain.port[“dup”+i].notitexto.htmlText += this.firstChild.childNodes*.attributes.Titulo+"
portMain.port[“dup”+i].notitexto.htmlText += “------------------------------
portMain.port[“dup”+i].notitexto.htmlText += this.firstChild.childNodes*.attributes.mes+” “+this.firstChild.childNodes*.attributes.ano;
portMain.port[“dup”+i].foto = new Array();
portMain.port[“dup”+i].foto* = “noticias/noticias_big”+this.firstChild.childNodes*”.jpg”;
portMain.port[“dup”+i].galeria = new Array();
portMain.port[“dup”+i].galeria* = this.firstChild.childNodes*;
portMain.port[“dup”+i].noticiatitulo = new Array();
portMain.port[“dup”+i].noticiatitulo* = this.firstChild.childNodes*.attributes.Titulo;
portMain.port[“dup”+i].noticia = new Array();
portMain.port[“dup”+i].noticia* = this.firstChild.childNodes*.firstChild.firstChild.nodeValue;
portMain.port[“dup”+i]._y += portMain.port[“dup”+i]._height*i;