Help? - xml photo gallery w/ loaded swf's as buttons

Hello -

Intermediate flash user but newbie to this powerful and scary realm of actionscripting.

I’m customizing the great xml photo gallery from the tutorial here. I’m attempting to use a loaded swf into an empty movie clip as my back and next buttons. The swf is loading fine into my main movie and the frame actions targeting label positions within it are working and doing the rollover/rollout animations, however I just can’t get the onRelease function to work - can’t get it to go back! I know this is a targeting/path issue, but every variation I try doesn’t seem to get it happening.

I’m just working with the back button.

My code for the ‘back’ swf on an invisible button:
on (rollOver) {
on (rollOut) {

‘back’ being the name of mc it gets loaded into.

loadMovie code in main movie:
this.createEmptyMovieClip(“back”, 8);
back.loadMovie(“back.swf”, “back”);
back._x = 0;
back._y = 0;

Code for the button section of the xml gallery:
back.onRelease = function() {
next_btn.onRelease = function() {

I’ve tried _root.back.onRelease, and a lotta different path variations. I’m trying to debug but in the debugger, the variables are empty for every pane! Doesn’t seem to work. A bunch of folks reported this and were all unanswered at macromedia. And I’m a bit green of a newbie figuring out the trace function. But I’m learning, and trying hard.

in advance thnx