i need a favour…my favour is…

I’m currently doing an assignment on cosmetic software. I have prepare 3 categories; eyeshadow, blusher n lipstick which consist of 7 colors for each category in 4 season…That would make it 84 different colours.

  1. Is it possible to have these 21 colors in 1 season in one main picture?

  2. If so, how would i do that?

what’s a season?

once a user has pick a category (autumn, spring, summer or winter), the user has to choose whcih section he/she wishes to proceed. once the user has choose a section, the icon will apear below the drop down menu. all these icons, i have i save it as load movie.

if the user chooses, for example, AUTUMN>LIPSTICK>COLOR1, the color of the lips will be placed on top of the girl’s image.

my problem now is, can i have 1 color from 3 section (which is the eyeshadow, the lipstick and the blusher) to be put on top of 1 picture?

If you’re using loadMovie, you should be able to load whatever you want wherever you want. Unless I’m missing what you’re saying. Is there anyway you could post a link to your fla?.. or a mock up of it?