Hey I am pretty new to flash and to this board. I am trying to design a background where you see clouds scrolling as if they are really there. How would I go about doing this.

As well I am trying to figure out how to keep something like that going while make it the background of a flash website.

Any help woudl be appreciated.

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heres a tutorial on how to scroll the images.…scroll.asp

Thanks for that that is very helpful.

Now what I am trying to figure out is how to do things like this:

Click a link and something cool happens and a new screen shoots out, something like that.

For example:

Click on one of the menu items once it loads and see how it builds a new screen inside the frame. This is what I am trying to do help me again!!!

thats done with load movie, when a button is pressed they load a SWF file into the already playing SWF. and the flashy thing that moves up is just done with tweening.

Ok excuse my ignorance but I am missing how to do this, dammit being a newbie!!!

Once I get everything done now I want to add things where the actual text will come up after someone selects a menu item. I understand the load another movie idea; however, I dont understand how you would get it to make motions, etc in between pressing the button and the actual menu coming up.

As well how would you go about making this movie load in a specific place?

Also thanks Mr. Kirupa for the sig idea I really like this. I use it this account for a political simulation I am part of hence why DNC comes across and things of that nature.

Thanks for all your help and any input is apreciated!!!

To load movies, there’s a tute here :
I know the guy who wrote it, he’s wonderful.

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