Dude, aight… I cannot get this dang straight button to work! I cant make it do a realease on the action thing it wont let me click it it turns grey? im making a site with swish cause i coulndt figure out the buttons… on Flash 5… it wont let me click on mouse over stuff can someone tell me!!! plz plz -Toxic :’( :’(

Can you show what you mean, I’m not sure I get it.
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Heh nevermind dude I got it… but i need help on another thing if u know flash 5 pretty good… How do I make a button and make it go to the next FRAME like saying something popups sayin in a flash cartoon tehre talking like “Blah blah blah… then it says CLICK this button to conintue” how do i make it go to the next scene of whatever <img src= ALT=":">

Depends : To go to the next frame :

 on (press) {nextFrame() ;}


 on (press) {gotoAndPlay(10)}

if you want to go to frame 10.
For another Scene, it’s quite the same :

 on (press) {gotoAndPlay("Scene2",10) ;}

if you want to go to frame 10 of Scene2.

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ooo thanxs man ill try day :smiley:

Uh… I kinda dont get this… I put it as a button and put actions n on mouse commands press and then went to go to… <img src= ALT=":"> and made the buttons in all but it duznt let me push the button… it does it automatically any ideas?

Can you send me the fla, I’ll take a look for you if you want.
[email protected] :slight_smile: