i need help on how to make a contact page…using flash… any suggested tutorials? do i need to use asp / php stuff… cuz i dont understand them yet… im just wondering s there any actionscript for makin a contact page, and when hit submit, its submits it right away to my email…

Hi there,

I sent you an email about this remember? I asked whether you still had problems on the contact thing (you used the form on my site) - this is a very common question here. I think I’m going to put the fla of my one on my site - so people can just substitute their info and use it - you’ll need php on your web server though.

Actually I don’t know if I should because people won’t learn anything that way - and it’s very easy.

good call flex… I only say that because I dont think people realize how simple it is… I guess some get scared of the PHP, but really thats soooo simple.

I say that and I am not great with PHP - YET!!! :stuck_out_tongue: