ok i made a flash layout and can i make that flash layout go in dreamweaver so i can write some tables over the layout can anyone help plz?

[SIZE=1]as far as i know you can’t. I just tried and the flash
object doesn’t show.

The reason, and i’m guessing, is that the flash object is exactly
that - an object and you are embedding it into the page to be
able to see it. When you select a table and then go to add a
bg image, it has to be exactly that, an image.

hope that helps (and i hope I’m right in explaining).


have php in flash?

You can’t have PHP in flash, but you can have Flash tell PHP to do stuff. Kind of a double standard situation there. I need to learn more PHP and find out how the two work together more.

i know php but i dont know how to work it in flash i am not that good in flash i am good at making layouts in flash but i need to get better in making flash intros

I need to learn how to design in Flash period, wheter it be intros or layouts, I can’t do them…haha :slight_smile:

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