well, i dont really have a problem, i just wanted some other designers to look at my site and give me some insight, some criticism, what have you. my site isn’t quite done, but the look and feel is pretty close to set.

blackpulp v4.0

so, take a gander and lemme know what you think. hopefully, ill get some good insight. also, lemme know if theres any bugs.

Pretty good so far.

Suggestions (just suggestions): Possibly a randomly loaded image in the background (there is a tutorial on this site for it somewhere).

Also, you have Contact and Klients. You could possibly switch them to Clients and Kontakt (contact in German).

Keep up the good work!

Also, I am moving this to the Site Check forum because that is what that area is meant for… to check sites and give your opinion and suggestions.

sorry i didnt know that existed

Its cool, just letting you know that I moved it so that you won’t be confused when you can’t find it.