I wounder if you have a good ide to make a flash intro?
Iam not so good at this :smirk:

Ummmm… that really depends on your own taste and personal style.

One tip though… keep it quick and with a pretty low file size.

Those minute long intros get on a lot of peoples nerves and many people won’t wait too long for an intro to load.

And add a skip intro button… it is one of the most widely clicked buttons on flash sites :slight_smile:

(ok so thats two tips :P)

But really though… the intro is your own style… only you can come up with how you want it done.

Yeah But… I have a website… but I dont know how to make it a little bit flashy…hehe. I can`t manke forexample my text fading… i dont know?
Help please

Check the tutorials at for effects and such.

A lot of the Flash 5 effects work in Flash MX (and some that don’t were re-written in the Flash MX part such as the random motion tutorial)