Here we go again Masking!

Ok… I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with masks… everything looks right to me ( I’ve already gotten my VOLUME mask to work…
Volume Article , and I’m following the same steps to get my Download Progress Bar to work)…

//--------------------------[ download Progress Bar Function ]------------------\\
function showDownloadProgress() {
	mcc8.onEnterFrame = function() {
		var soundLoaded:Number = mysound.getBytesLoaded();
		var soundTotal:Number = mysound.getBytesTotal();
		trace("sound DL % " + soundDLPercent);
		trace("greenMask1 width = " + greenMask1._width);
		if (soundLoaded == soundTotal) {
			delete mcc8.onEnterFrame;
//--------------------------[ /download Progress Bar Function ]------------------\\

Just to walk ya thru it,

mcc8 is a green bar…

greenMask1 is just a blue bar that is the same shape and size.

What I’m trying to do, is attach the mask to the green bar, and as I re-size the mask, more of the green bar will be exposed.

(ps: the math may look off, but that is because I’m using an image that is 200 pixels wide)

So far, I have been able to attach the mask to the green bar… so the bar dissapears… but when I try to make the mask bigger, nothing happens.

When I run a Trace… I get this… it looks like its working!


green mask back to 1
sound DL % 3.40688723330606
greenMask1 width = 6.8
sound DL % 20.5863234785071
greenMask1 width = 41.15
sound DL % 34.322241409151
greenMask1 width = 68.65
sound DL % 51.4921388224558
greenMask1 width = 103
sound DL % 65.2375955849959
greenMask1 width = 130.45
sound DL % 100
greenMask1 width = 200

Thanks for your help =)