Heres the source... Whats wrong?

If you have a little time and want to help me out. Download these FLAs and SWFs and tell me whats wrong.\r\rYou can access them at \r** ---------- Thanks for your help ------------------**\rOnly a 48kb download.\r\rFor the life of me I cant figure out what is wrong with this swf. Its a menu system. Only 1 menu. You can drag and open it. It has initial values (its a smart clip). When it loads it uses attachMovie to attach a loader to it, which then loads its content. Content is a separate swf file. It works great till you close the menu. Then when you open it, the content is gone. Ive gone through it with a fine tooth comb and cant figure out why. (I made one just like it, a different size menu though, and it works fine)\r\rThanks,\rJohn Ziebro\rLiquid Genius

download doesn’t work!?

it’s because of the ezboard tags … cut and paste works\r\rezboard adds “<a href=“http://””>"</a> to the beginning.

Hey guys one of my friends answered it for me. I had a duplicate MC instance in one of my tweens and Flash didnt know which one my code was talking too.\r\rThanks\rJohn Ziebro\rLiquid Genius