Heres What They Want My Footer

Many people have been asking me about my flash footer " How do you do that?". Well here is the file that everyone has been waiting for. I can’t charge money for it because I got it for free. :frowning: Oh well. It’s a farely simple movie consisting of a movie clip and about three frames of code. The first frame is the key fram to change the shape and the size of the box that is drawn. And messing around with the movie clip can also get you want to want. So here’s the file.

That’s a very nice effect indeed. Reminds me of the ultra famous Ego Loader…

And by the way, are you really a Swift Guru? Because I’d really love to see some more tutorials about it :slight_smile:

pom :asian:

I wish I was a Swift Guru. I call myself that but I am far from that.
And i think it is the Ego loader or its suppose to be like it. W/e.

I’m more interested in how you change the dimensions of the browser window on your site when you load the games.that’s pretty impressive.

Uh that was taken from . Great effect if you ask me. Its an external JavaScript file which is called from the page. So think of it as three pages in the process. Your home page gos to a page witch says “accesssing” or something, and that page when it loads calls the JavaScript and that file makes the window resize to what ever you want. Its a neat little trick, but don’t ask me how the JavaScript does it. I am sort of lost with those things. :-\ I can only manipulate them to what I want.

was there an actual tutorial on it?

i’d like to learn how to do this instead of just copying it if you have one.

I was looking through and i typed in the word particles. There are two by the guy in the file that I have. I really didn’t go into alot of looking, but i think you might be able to find it on Flash Kit. I will keep looking its just that there is so many. :frowning:

I finished looking. it just seems to be a file. :*(