Hey Actionscripters

I searched the forums for my problem, but the ones I found don’t really seem to help.

I’m doing the classic mp3 player…which I’ve mastered.

Here’s the weird part.

I take the existing player I have. Change the buttons to match the new .swf’s - change the titles - then change the reference in the loadselection script.

All I did was “plug and play” the new information.

Now, on my local machine the player works perfectly.

Now before you start screaming local path! That doesn’t apply.

I’ve tried it adding the base url in there and also just putting the player and files in the same directory.

At best when uploaded to the server…one of the files will play…the other one just sits there.

Now when I tested it on the local computer, a couple of times I got the classic “Error opening URL …”

The file exists, I’ve re-created the file under like 4 different names, and uploaded it to different servers, and the same thing happens.

To revamp-

Player works fine on local machine using local references.

Whenever it is pointed to the URLs, one file will play, the other won’t…or both won’t play.

Now these files are large around 2.5mb. I’ve waited like an hour for it to load at one point. Nothing.

It’s 45 minutes worth of audio, so that explains the size.

Any help or any ideas is welcomed; as it gave me the classic programmer’s late night fright umm last night.

I’m hoping its not a “duh” moment thing.

Thank you!

-PRS :cool: