Hey, can anyone tell me how to modify this effect? (url included)

[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Hey guys, I want to do the same effect this person shows in his tutorial:


…the only difference is, in the tutorial it shows you how to get the ‘glowing dot’ to move along minor curves or in a line…

I’d like to have this neat effect occur on a circle… is there a curve tool of sorts that can make the dot go along in a complete 360º circle?



pretty sure you could use a motion guide. have a search in the flash help files for motion guide.
sorry i can’t explain in anymore detail at the moment. about to go out.

good luck.

this might get you on the right path: http://www.kirupa.com/developer/mx/circular.htm

Ah, hey thanks I followed that link… the problem is though my circle isn’t a 100% perfect circle… (photoshop: transform–> distort) so the circle has an angle to it… in fact I don’t even want the dotted glow to make the full circle anymore, maybe just 3/4… maybe the image will help me explain :slight_smile:


The outer circle is what I want to have the moving glowing dot for… hope that helps!


motion path

yea, motion guide, coz then if its a complete circle, it will repeat seamlessly


Okay, I got the line to go at the exact (almost) angle of the circle… the only problem now is that the glowing dot isnt moving as I motion tweened it too!

Please help!

http://daveho.home-net.d2g.com/banner.fla <-- the file!



[font=verdana, arial, helvetica][size=2]Just an explanation, instead of using the line tool… I drew a circle, deleted the fill so I only had the outline of a circle left, then selected the outline, modify–>transform–>distort and make it almost identical to the circle from the .gif… and the rest of the steps i copied tutorial, but instead of the light following the circle outline, it just moves from where it starts to end in a straight line… skips the whole circle, maybe im not allowed to do it this way?


Flash MX (non 2004 version)