Hey guys, quick/maybe not so quick question

ok so this is the thing, i have my dynamic variables read in from a text file so i don’t have to keep updating it. i have the dynamic variables read from a variable called “Names”. in a text file i have “&names= CdZro”. and i call the text file Vars.txt. I load it up in flash by actionscript by using the command: loadVariablesNum("<a href=“http://www.blah.com/Vars.txt",">www.blah.com/Vars.txt”,</a> 0); but it doesn’t work… i did this in a recent project and it worked just fine. do i have to do something different in Flash MX though? i do have that loadVariables in the same movie clip as the variables used… any ideas guys?

I think that loadVariableNum has been depreciated… though I’m not 100% on this. If you publish it as a Flash 5.0 swf it might work, or try using\rloadVariable(“var.txt”,“holder”);\r\rand create a movie clip on the main stage with an instance name of “holder”.\r\rjust as a note, Flash can’t load variables that are located on another server so you only need var.txt if that file is located in the same folder with the swf.\r\rsecond note. Remember that your browser caches the text doc. If you make changes you’ll need to clear the cache before you can see them. (or check out my post in “best of Kirupa”… concerning loaded movies and loaded variables to know the secret work around for this.)

ok thanks alot for the help