Hey i really dont know what i`m doin

i just got flash mx two weeks ago and im trying to learn but i cant run the downlodes for the tutorials?
maybe because my flash mx is in japanese?

well that and i cant figer out how to stop the flash from looping?

i want to make a enter sign (and i have) but it wont stop looping?
what should i do?

please help a noobie:(

Well, there’s something called “Publish Settings…” (Ctrl+Shift+F12) where, under the HTML tab, you can change how it will behave (loop, paused at start…), OR you can simply click on the last frame maker (a gray/white outlined box on the timeline) and put…


…as it’s ActionScript code. That will stop the Flash from continuing on to the next frame, which doesn’t exist so it would go back (but now we have a stop, so it won’t).


You’ve two options.
If its the whole main movie looping we’re talking about, then go to Publish settings under file, go to the html tab and uncheck the “loop” checkbox.

Better though would be to go the the frame at which you want the movie to stop playing, right click, go to actions, and enter the following:
This brings your movie to a stop at that frame, it won’t play again untill you do something to direct it to.

I dunno all this in japanese. :slight_smile:

wow fast replys and a big help thx!!
and yeah the japanese is really hard ,sometimes i have to gess were things are! heh

I would be surprised if you couldn’t get something that would change the language to english for MX.
I’ve heard of language changer “patches” for other programs? Maybe. Don’t hold me to it.

prob is that im a extage student and its not my comp! hehe i go home in two mounths and ill see if i can chage it then but thx n e ways;)