HEY! Illustrator compatability issues

I recently designed an ad for a bass guitar company in Ohio probono and I am relatively new to Illustrator as far as the nitty gritty. The magazine that it will be published in accepts files in illustrator 10 and PS 5.0 and up. The ad was designed in illustrator cs and creates some errors going back to 10. Is there any quick fix to get the file readable either save it compatable for illustrator 10 or a psd or anything? I would really rather find a solution other than remaking the entire ad as I am now in California and have limited access to images. I do have illustrator 9.0 as well and wonder if i could place the cs into 9.0.

p.s. there are also issues with placed photoshop files being in rgb and not cmyk what can be done to fix this.

thanks for any input

The biggest issue w/ CS is the fonts, which I’m thinking that is what you’re talkin about.

  1. You need to use export to save to an illustrator 10 file.
  2. You also need to embed your fonts as for some stupid reason Adobe didn’t check that compatability. To embed your select your fonts press cmd+o or ctrl+o. This will make the text uneditaable but it won’t slice it up like it seems to like to do.

As for your rgb issues, 2 things need to be done there too.

  1. You need to make sure the PS file is CMYK as well as the the AI file being CMYK.
  2. Something that PS does that’s funky is if you convert from RGB to CMYK it doesn’t always match up after the conversion. So say you have a black background in AI at 0, 0, 0, 100 and the background in PS is the same but in RGB, when you convert it sometimes it will change that 0, 0 , 0, 100 to like a 96, 63, 89, 100 etc. To fix this convert your PS image to CMYK w/o flattening it and then delete the black background and make a new one in CMYK w/ the correct values.

If it’s a printing problem w/ them matching up after that, if you have this option turn off spot printing.

Hope some of this helps. If you have any more issues you can send me the files and I’ll trouble shoot it for you.

thanks for the advice, ill look into it and give an update in this thread

Apart from outlining the font, also do follwing step: “File -> Export…” In the dialog box that opens choose “Illustrator Legacy (ai)” and choose the Illustrator version (in this case 10).
Hope it works :slight_smile:

:frowning: I said that

hey thanks you two, just what i needed and i fixed the cmyk issue (document color was set to rgb and i forgot to change it when i transfered it to another computer.)