Hey, I'm New+ Want to change URL without reloading page

Hello, I’m new to the Forums and they have been very helpful, but I haven’t found a post on [COLOR=Red]how to change the URL without reloading the page[/COLOR]. After ALOT of Googling I found exactly how to do it, however, based on the code given, [COLOR=Red]is there any way to provide multiple varibles to the URL?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Red] Here is where I found the tutorial:[/COLOR][INDENT]http://www.klynch.com/archives/000076.html
[/INDENT][COLOR=Red]and it came with, well-commented, source files:[/COLOR][INDENT]http://www.klynch.com/apps/flashlinking/flashlinking.zip
[/INDENT]Whatever advice you guys could give me would be really helpful!

-Thanks a million