Hga77 XML : load mult MC's to mult containers

sorry for double post, but just realized knowone may ever see my post at end of very long and dated “xlm…done” thread. I’ve looked through thread closely to see if i could find an answer myself and i couldn’t.

Using the Hga77 XML menu v. 3

I’m trying to load multiple swf’s on a key-press. Loading to one mc is not a problem, but when i try to define multiple containers from multiple sources it doesn’t work.

This is an XML example


<item name=“item1” >
<sub name=“item2” >
<subsub name=“item3” action=“item3.swf” texte=“text.swf”/>

function on menu mc:

function executeAction(action, texte)
loadMovie( action , _root.content);
loadMovie( texte , _root.texte);


am i missing something?

any help greatly appriciated!