Hi, and another question

Hi, it’s been a while since I’ve posted here (I’ve gotten lazy with my flash cartoons). I have a new question. For my first cartoon, I used hand-drawn symbols. Now, if I wanted to animate photos, when I tried to import it to flash, it always had that white square around it. How can I import the photo part without that background? (I have photoshop, and have tried to lasso it out, but it didn’t work too well). Any help would be appreciated, thanks! (an example of what I mean by “animate photos” would be, say, that jibjab cartoon about bush and kerry)

There are a few different ways of removing the background of an image, here’s one: Click here :wink:

Thanks for the help, I managed to remove the background, but when I import it to the library and drag it onto the stage, its like the image is still on a large white canvas. On photoshop, the background is the grey checkers, so I know it’s gone…but I dont know how to get rid of the white background inside flash.

save it as transparent gif, or png…

Well, technically the background isn’t gone, it’s just transparent/invisible. I’m pretty sure there is no way to get around that, the only thing you could do is:

> Import your picture into Flash.

> With the pic. selected hit Ctrl+B to break it apart.

> Now use the Eraser tool to remove the invisible background.

Yeah, I know, this sucks.

Sorry, I didn’t mean giant white canvas, I meant giant transparent canvas. So, with flash, I’ll need to lasso parts of the image to make them move. Is there any way the imported image will be only the image w/o the large blank canvas in the back? By the way, I saved it as a png…what’s a transparent png?

It’s a regular .png with a transparent background. It sounds like you already got that.

There isn’t a way around this, your pictures will always have a transparent/invisible square around it. You would need to break your images apart (Ctrl+B) in Flash and use the Eraser tool to remove that excess transparency.

if you really wann keep the quality, make the background transparent (in photoshop) and save it as a .psd, then when you import it should ask you if you want to import via quicktime, this way you keep the quality and the transperancy…of course they are huge files