Hi, hope I don't take too much of your time

However, I’m totally lost. I used to do flash all the time. Websites mainly. Haven’t done it for 3 years and have just got MX 2004. Looks very nice and very promising.

I’m just making something for work and some how I can’t even make a button, that when you press on it, the movie goes to frame 19. It just will not work. Obviously I’ve got the wrong script and I’m just trying to wake the dead matter from my brain.

I’m so embarassed by my stupidity but I have to get this done. It seems so :alien2: to me.

Thankyou in advance

drag an instance of the button onto the stage then right click it and go to actions.
put this in the actions of your button.

i take it you want the main movie to go to frame 19??


thankyou thankyou thankyou!