Hi Peeps

Hi Peeps

Just signed up here after discovering the site on my travels. Cant believe I aint seen this before as it looks real nice.

Anyway till the next post :slight_smile:


Hey, man. Welcome here. :smirk:

"The Flash is strong with this one… "

(this forum that is hehe)


Welcome to the board Immulsifier! =) I think you will like it here:)

Yap! And don’t forget to join the cuuuult! (bwahahaaa)

~said with one hella scary voice…

Yes, you will probably get to know Eilsoe and I very well while you are here :evil: :stuck_out_tongue:

We are addicted to the forum, it’s like a drug!:crazy:

druggiiiiiie…!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome sir. I love the handle. Very creative.

that worm looks kinda gross :frowning:

It is a continued footer, the head is the avatar and the body and tail is the footer :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe my name comes from playing Half-Life as thats what I play under or Immy or Immsy or various other alternatives :stuck_out_tongue: BTW im looking for anyone with any PHP space and a MySQL database either online on on a localhost to test my Flash Forums when I release them which shouldnt be too far off as I have done most of it :slight_smile:

Any Takers?

Thought I would post a screenie as well to drum up some interest :slight_smile:

Pretty cool. I’ve been thinking about setting up one myself… but I’ve just been too busy to finish my php training yet.

If I hear of any good php mysql hosting servers I’ll pass em on to you.

as for the name… “halflife” great game… but does anyone have a clue how to play without the TAU CANNON??? I love halflife. I still think it’s the best online multiplayer game out there… but it was ruined by that weapon.

The Tau is the best wep in the game along with the xbow :slight_smile: You can zoom around some maps with that tau.

But welcome to the board. Tis a fun place to hang. Kirupas kind of quiet though. Shy male type human unit. You know how those geeks are! doh~


Welcome to the board immulsifier! You’ll have a great time here. Just don’t let some of the people cough Phil cough scare you off =)

Kirupa :bandit:

hehe thanks :slight_smile: