Hidden button still active?

New to the forums and new to Actionscript.

Iam sure (hope) my problem is a simple one to fix. I have 3 large circle buttons on the main timeline, when clicked a large circle (externaly loaded swf) loads over the top of that button into an empty MC so you can not see it, but if you hover over the active button area (which is underneath) it still works when clicked?

And ideas anyone


Welcome to the forums!

There is a property for buttons and movie clips called ‘enabled’ that you can set to true or false. Since you have only three buttons it would be easy to put this script on each button:

	but1.enabled = but2.enabled = but3.enabled = false;

where but1, but2, and but3 are the instance names of your buttons.

Only thing is that you will want to re-enable them (set enabled = true) at some point, like maybe on release of another button somewhere? Or maybe when the external swf you loaded into the empty movie clip is removed/unloaded/closed? Think on it.

There are more elegant scripting methods, and if you ever get into the situation where you have a bunch more buttons you can build an array of them instead, etc. But this will work for now.


Many thanks for this, I will give it a try.


Work a treat, I will be back with more problems i am sure


Awesome - glad you got it working. :thumb: