Hiding mouse cursor

There are some “buttons” on my movie clip I wish to hide the cursor as mouse is dragged onto them ; They´re not working like buttons but sensible areas ;
There are other buttons on the scene which will work as navigation buttons.
I´ve tried Mouse.hide(); command and I´ve got a message error because something else is missing.
Well any help will be regarded;


if that code is on a button you’ll need something like this:
on (rollOver, dragOver) {
on (releaseOutside, rollOut, dragOut) {


Hi Jeremy ,

that works , thanks !

I had an alternative idea to change the mouse cursor by something else , let´s say , my own created movie clip or a graphic symbol , no matter;
I´ve seen a tut somewhere but I can´t find it now.
Could you please give me a hint ?
Thank you once again.



ok, if you already have the mouse hidden and you’re using your own custom mouse cursor you probably want to do something like this:


On this site, mmmk…

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Hey what is funny ?
have I said something wrong ?

Pom was saying that there is a step-by-step tutorial on this site. I believe it was created by Vts. Don’t mind Pom sense of humer (he’s french:lol: )

French sense of humor ? How about that ?
What did I say ?? What’s wrong with it ? I just said there was a tute on this site…

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Why do you feel unloved? lol i just said not to mind your sense of humor (or lack of one). There’s nothing wrong with that…:lol:

You’re probably right. :smiley:
We French people sure are disadvantaged by our ****ty sense of humor… Maudit !! Phil, gimme lessons !

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Now I see what you meant , on this site … there is a tut and I will take a look at it.

Nothing wrong with your sense of humor.

Bonna chance mon ami


HA! you want lessons from Philbert? lol :rollin:

Yeah, the force is strong with him… Maybe I can become his padawan (is that how they’re called ?)

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