High quality video in kiosk software authored in FLASH

I wanna pick the brains of you Kirupians…

I’ve used solutions like Zinc (which is wonderful, btw) and their “directshow extention” to load high quality, locally stored .AVIs, without a WMP logo, on top of applications I’ve made for kiosks. It mostly works well, but is a bit convoluted, scriptwise, and is not supported by MDM or the author of the extension.

I’m not asking anyone to build me an app, I just want to know if there are any cool tools for loading high quality, locally stored…fullscreen…logoless video that I may have over looked.

FLVs are almost there, but we can’t budget the type of hardware needed to playback 800x600, high quality flvs (3000kps+). I wish flash player was more than a “web browser” centric tool. There so many cool things you can do with them now (especially loading them UNDER other flash layers), but not in a LARGE fullscreen way.