Highlight specific thumbnails in xml gallery

Hi fellows,
I have a xml photo gallery and i would like to click on a “favorite” button witch will change the color of only targeted clip (those labelled “favorite” in the xml node).

I’ve been trying for a while but I cant find in my created movie clips those who are labeled “favorite” . I guess i just don’t know how to call them properly as my color change function work for other object except for the thumbnails :frowning:

can someone point me to the right direction please.

thanks a million

fav.onRelease = function(){
if(sort_list= 1)
var colo:Color = new Color(sort_list, sort_list[this._parent.tn_no]);


i joint to that the fla and the xml

heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp pleeeeeeeeeeeeease