Highscore-api vs sponsorship


my game is almost finished but there is a (big?) problem:

At its current state my game uses mochileaderboards (mochi’s scoring system) for displaying a highscore list. I didn’t upload the game yet so the highscore list just shows crap because I just wanted to test if it works with my code. So far so good.

Now I read that when I want to upload it to sponsors I have to remove ANY mochi-api or other similar stuff because sponsors don’t want to see any different logo except theirs.

But when I remove the scoring-system shall I remove the appropriate scoring-interface (score, submit, etc) as well? I just ask because without the scoring-system IMHO the game’s interface looks a little bit boring.

Are there any other scoring api’s available that I can use even when I submit it to sponsors so they don’t get any crisis when they see it in my game? How do you handle this? I hope you know what I mean…