Hiring Programmer

I need help to finish my sliding door design project. Basic work is done, but there is some bugs and need couple more properties to put in.
Bugs are following

  • door bottom rail comes sometimes wrong position- maybe because scaling drawing area?
  • if select another type of door old frames not erase
  • some comboboxes and text need erase
  • in one type draw bottom part too big outside the door
  • need back to start button
  • need help button that open helpform
  • need email operation to send selected door info to me
  • need also make some kind “hole” mask to make holes to bitmap
    so I think most those bugs are math bugs and easy to fix, but as is too hard for me…

if you know action script maybe piece of cake to you, but for me insuperable problem …
if you interested email me [email protected] so I can send files to you