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Hi hga,

I replace some of the name of the previous file in order to have the right track from this point onward.

Here is the file


  1. To change the nodes of navigation.xml in order to have “action” declare on the AS.

(Status: Need comments)

  1. The About, Contact, and Links button will load the text from contentFolder into multiline info_txt with variable name displayText. This will give powerfull feature in the future, if there will be multiple text pages update.

Status : Done

  1. The About, Contact, and Links button upon released will also load picture in the “contentHolder” using loadMovie action. This is needed in order that the stage is not empty. The loading will utilize scaleContent prototype ( commented), and the preloading (commented).

Status: The image does not load. However, I change the nodes of Last Millenium within navigation.xml and if you click the Last button , it will load the image

  1. The txt_lbl in About, Desert, Bush, Birds, Last Contact, and Links button upon released will change the color, in order to give a sign that this is the active section.

Status: Does not work.

  1. The Desert, Bush, Birds, and Last upon released will create thumbnail in the thumbHolder. These button have action within navigation.xml point out to the thumbnail.xml - ala Senocular. When thumbnail.xml is loaded it will “recycle” the buildMenu() function and the first picture of the thumbnail.xml will load in the contentHolder.

Consequentially, When each of the thumbnail is loaded, each of them will (inherit) use the scaleContent prototype ( commented), and the preloading (commented).

Status: Does not work (yet)

What a challenge…I don’t know what to say at this point except thanks and many thanks.

thats a job and a half beebs !

Yes, Insya Allah all’s well…
PM me for any assistance and meanwhile I will also tinkering here and there. I welcome also for anybody to participate…


in my file mymenu.zip display a single image after selecting a paticular category portfolio

It would be very helpful my cause. If any one of u suggest a mechanism to display 2 images one after another for selected category

for example

            <item name="Ashok" action="A.jpg" imagePath="imageFolder/image3.jpg"  imagePath1="imageFolder/image10.jpg" ></item>
<item name="Karan" action="B.jpg" imagePath="imageFolder/image1.jpg"  imagePath1="imageFolder/image11.jpg"></item>

if u click on ashok image3.jpg and image10.jpg should play one by one.

please help me

I cant see what your trying to do. It looks like its working for me.

btw. those photes scared the living sh!t outa me! What the hell is wrong with you ??? :crying: :crying: :crying:

I used your code for my requirement, but it not up to mark for my requirement. I think you help for me.

In my file mymenu.zip displaying a single image after clicking a particular category portfolio, because single image path is placed in xml file for particular category.

Now what I need is If I place a more than one images path for particular category in the xml file , when ever I click that category link it should display all images one by one of that category (like slide show).

I am expecting from your solution as early as possible.

:thumb: :asleep:

sorry man but that made me laugh so much…my stomach…my eyes :lol:

ok i’ve stopped now…

About the gallery, you cant just add attributes like that in the xml file and expect results! The code within the fla does not regonizes your declared attributes. Sorry my friend bu that would mean changing the code in the fla in a big way. What you would need to do is create several swf’s for the particular categoies you have.

I will work on beebs problem soon. I think you would find his fla helpful to you when I finish doing it…

ok thanks for ur reply.
please try to solve my problem as soon as possible.

Hello hga77,

I am trying to bulid a image gallery for a site, and I love the stack gallery v1 that you made!!! But how do I make the thumbs bigger? So that you can see more of the image? Thanks for all you work on one these cool fla’s!!

See now thats what I mean :lol:

hga77, while you’re at it, clean my bathroom and do my taxes!
(by the way, these sorting menus ARE impressive)