History of the Red Dead Franchise!

This was a long-ish but fun read. I was never a fan of Westerns or Red Dead Redemption itself for that matter, but the history behind it is a different story haha.

Have you played it?

Yes I have. Fully. Even got every single beaver pelt for that one pesky achievement :cloud_with_lightning:

I prefer fantasy (Dragon Age, Witcher, Skyrim) or Space/Future (Mass Effect, Fallout) more. Riding around on a horse with realistic weapons just…seems like something I could potentially pull of in real life. I can’t summon an ice elemental though.


I loved breath of the wild and I love westerns so I thought about picking up red dead redemption, but I’m afraid if I start playing it I won’t stop.


I haven’t played Revolver, or RDR1, but I have played RDR2, and that’s a great game. It feels a lot like a reskinning of GTA, but that’s not really something you can knock it for. And there’s something appealing about the wild west as an environment. It definitely has more of a BotW feel to it.

It isn’t as open-ended as some of the other RPGs I listed. You will ultimately run out of primary and secondary quests without spending 200-ish hours. If I remember, the entire game took me about 40 hours to complete.

I have not played RDR2, but it is on my list to play…once my daughter goes to college in 16 years and I have more free time haha.


Same here. I was watching videos on the pc version a few months ago, and was blown away at the detail and graphic quality.

I’m afraid to start it

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