Hit counter

I am using Front Page 2000. For some reason, the hit counter on one of my pages reset itself to 0. I have tried to reset it to the proper number and republished the page. I does not work. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
M. Carrig

Hey M. Carrig,
Does this problem occur on only one page, or does this problem occur on other pages in your site? Try inserting a a hit counter on another page. Does the problem repeat itself?

Yes, it does occur on other pages as well. Any fixes for this?
Thanks again.
M. Carrig

Hey mcarrig,
I tried to re-create your problem on my computer. Are you creating your pages in your Hard Drive and then publishing the pages to your server? If so, that’s where your problem lies. You will need to open your site from FrontPage to modify the hit counter.

Launch Internet Explorer and display your home page. Once the site has loaded, press the Edit button on your Internet Explorer toolbar. FrontPage will launch, and you will see a dialog box asking for your username and password.

Once you enter your username and password, press OK. You will be able to view your Web within FrontPage. You should be able to view/update/configure files and web settings all within FrontPage and without having to download files to your hard drive. Go to View | Folders to see all the files and folders found on your site.

Now that you are in your server, you can edit the hit counter. For some reason, when a hit counter is published from the Hard Drive, a certain parameter stored in a file called global.asa is not updated.

I hope this does solve your problem!

Kirupa Chinnathambi