Hit test problem

i am in the process learning actionscript (have some knowledge of other web languages)
so i thought i could apply what i read and make a small game
that mimics an old game called grog. (game is far from finished but i already ran into problems)


(you need to click on the flash to make it active and then moving the arrow keys you can make the man move and catch the apples.
if you press up or down the man will go back to his regular stance)

the problem is that the apples disapear before they hit the man.
I read on macromedia that the hittest is performed around the the symbol (binding box)

i would like to make the apple only disappear when it touches the man not the binding box. Can I do this?

if not i guess i could make a few smaller rectangles(than will wrap around the man’s shape…but i find that my request is pretty strainght forward and there should be a way in flash to get around this) and put hittest on them

any help would be appreciated

ps i will post the actionscript when i get home since i am at work and don’t have flash here

another problem is that when the man changes direction, there is a pause…why is that, is it possible because i go to a different frame in the mc to make the man face the opposite way?