hitArea problem, my hair falling down

Hi all!

I have a very odd problem here (a bug?)

I have objects that the user can click&drag. They’re PNGs, mainly rectangular, no problem till here.

But I then had to put an L-shaped object (a PNG with a lot of transparency), so i’ve made a movieclip with an shape with the same L shape than the png, and use it as its hitArea:

shape.visible= false;
shape.mouseEnabled= false;
obj.hitArea= shape;

This works PERFECT, the mouse events respond as expected, and I can click on objects that are below/above the transparent area of the png/object.

All objects are inside a Sprite called playgroundLayer1. The issue comes when I take the L-shaped object and put it on another Sprite (playgroundLayer2), that is above the playgroundLayer1.

I this case, I can click&drag on the L, but no object below the transparent area of the L receives mouse events.

What’s the problem? I need this object in playgroundLayer2…

Thank you in advance! :slight_smile: