hitTest and continuous movement

help. i’m trying to make a simple game, where ‘things’ fall from the sky and ‘hit’ a person running across the screen.

I have two movie clips. One is of the person and the other a simple shape.

After reading the tutorial by Kirupa on continuous movement, I used that code for the falling object, which was fine until I changed the size of my movie and made it a projector to fill the screen. Now the objects don’t fall from the top of screen anymore.

Hopefully it is just the maths, which I am very bad at. can anyone help with the maths, pleeese?
These are the new screen sizes. My movie is 935 x680, in Flash, but then the projector makes the movie fill the screen with the fscommand. So i don’t know if I need to take that into account?

I’m also open to thinking about this in a different way… ? It seemed like such a simple idea at the time!!!