hitTestPoint & mouse_move

I have been using hitTestPoint so far with mouse_move listener, which means if the mouse was stationary over target area when that listener was added the desired action wont happen until mouse moves.

Basically I have this window in the middle of the stage where loader loads pictures and when picture loads if the mouse moves over that window some other stuff appears.
The listener is added after each picture is added and if the mouse was stationary above the loader when that happened it doesnt trigger hitTestPoint (until mouse moves).

I have seen somewhere this same effect, but it worked even if the mouse was stationary above the image when image appeared.

anyway, I am blabbing too much, you get what I need :smiley:

stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, imageControls, false, 0, true);
function imageControls(e:MouseEvent):void {
    if (imageLoader.hitTestPoint(mouseX, mouseY, true)) {
        TweenLite.to(imageControlsSprite, .2, {alpha:1});
    } else {
        TweenLite.to(imageControlsSprite, .2, {alpha:0});