Hmm Looking

ok well logn time since ive been here but i remmber a code or somethign that allowrs and image to come in as boxes 1 by 1 or so until the image is complete

also looking for something where i have a banner on my site and u click it and it changes colors is that possible?

Changing color of a movie clip is quite simple.

myColor = new Color(movieClipName);
onRelease = function(){
myColor.setRGB(0xFF0000); //sets color to red

As for the image coming in in boxex 1x1, cutting an image apart and moving the pieces 1x1 is VERY processor heavy, so i would suggest making boxes (the color of your background) and moving them off 1x1.

By the way:
Learn it, live it, love it! :stuck_out_tongue: