i’ve never ever tried this before, so i’m throwing a stab in the dark here… but oh well.

maybe it would be possible to put a textbox within a movieclip, then set that movieclip’s visiblity to 0.

then you’d want to make sure you setFocus on the textbox, so that the curser would be in there at all times, right from the get-go.

i don’t know. just a thought.


why put the text field in a movie clip and make it invisible?

if u use a text field with not border or background is invisible to the user anyway!



this thread was supposed to be a reply to this thread. i suck again.

but yeah you’re totally right. i didn’t even think about that.


Laughing Out Loud! :stuck_out_tongue: =) :slight_smile:

:slight_smile:chuckles respectively:slight_smile:

wow i feel like a retard. haha.
today is a really stupid day. =)