Hmmm.... a theme for this

…my new website?

So I’m making a portfolio and have created my base script, but before I go any further, I want to throw it out here and ask your opinions.

I am not looking for critiques on the design/usability/animation/font etc, obviously this is a very-early-heavily-work-in-progress version, it’s going to change a lot, I havn’t thought about anything except the colours (a bit)

What I would like you guys to do, is give me some ideas on a theme I could incorporate in the graphics/animation. Some sort of graphical theme that might work with this. When I say theme I want ideas like a Zoo theme, 40’s theme, amusement park, ant colony etc.
Please don’t suggest anything technological… that’s been done to death.

edit: removed link till next update, there were some weird publishing issues too so… i’ll sort em out for next time