show or not to show

well kids,

after looking around at a lot of the websites just on this board alone i was kinda scared to put mine up here. theres a lot of talent floatin around on this board…hmmm.

well here goes, oh yeah, and dont be afraid to bite my head off…its okay, ill live.

i kinda figured, suggestions cant hurt me they can only improve me.

okay, tear me apart!!!

oh yeah, i havent put a preloader yet, the site is still in developement, so a lot of the links dont work…have fun.

Very Nice. A little almost creepy with the music but it fits the site. I loved the guy on the home page who walks into the building. Also how did you get your draggable windows to move so smooth. I tried to do them before but they lagged real bad when they where draged so I scraped them. Also you might want to put some text indicating that the letters in the title are the menu. I only found it be accedent. Very cool site.:slight_smile:

What does your application form go to(txt, database, e-mail). I have been looking for a way to do something like that trough flash and I’m just looking for the best script posable.

PS. I set one in so I hope it is working. :slight_smile:

Weary nice mood. and cool carachters that u made. Personal style is everything.
The text is a bit hard to read i think. I use 1280*1024 like a lotta people do and it hard to read.:ninja:

thanx for all your comments. seriously.

the application form goes to my email. i like my stuff direct, even though it may be a bit old fashion. its easy.

Is it a complicated script? I have been looking for a simple way to preform the same function

I think you can go toe-to-toe with a lot of the sites around here! First of all, I, too, am a fan of the animated guy in the beginning.

The text is hard to read for me too. The anti-alias makes it blurry. In addition, it needs more contrast to stand out from the dark grey background. I like the font you are using.

Also, check your layers. Sometimes I click on menu items and those items appear underneath another open window. This could be confusing to some. Kirupa has a great layers/stack order tutorial to amend this.

Other than that - it’s fast loading which is always a plus. The inter-sectional tweens are simple yet refreshing (I like those background images as well). The navigation is pretty simple and straight-forward as well.

unfortuantely, i havent quite figured out how to make the text not so blurry, when i embed the font. thats what i get. no matter what i do. i really like the font, and it has to be a dynamic text box, i dont know what to do? a little help would be much appreciated…

i will try different shades of grey to get that contrast, but for some reason i wont do white text (too contrasting) i prefer the subtle approach.

Your text in parts of the box are clear and in others they are blurry, odd:-\ . Mabye try adjusting the transparency of the boxs background. Or if worse comes to worse don’t embed the font and use veranda at a small pixel size. I had this same problem and on beta’s advice had to do just that. Sorry I can’t offer more :-\

There is always this tutorial
But you probably have already read it. Hope you can find a solution:)

yeah, i was afraid i might have to do that. i really dont like embedding the font since my file size goes through the roof, and id much rather like the file size to be used on other areas, but at the same time i really like the font and i like the feel it gives. oh well, ill probably scratch it and go with verdana. (original? guess not…) if all else fails always go back to verdana…

oh by the way, sintax, i emailed you.

Ya I sent you a reply I hope you got it. I was having problems with my mail server ISP today so it might have had troubles getting there. If you did recive it drop me a line some how. Thanks:)

Rip you apart? Why rip you apart? Love the site man… and I definately love how the guy walks into the building Great job man :beam: