Hockey fans?

I had to mention this seeing as they’ve only re-played the clip about every 15 minutes on the sports chan…has anyone else seen that poor guy (the might D’s fan) who took the million dollar shot and FELL when he went to hit the puck. Awww. Not to mention he never even touched the puck. Then to add to his embarassment he went to take one more shot and they ran out and took the puck and mats from in front of him before he could re-shoot. Awwww. I feel so bad for him…(but it’s still soooo funny every time I watch it)

:love: ~ Seretha … waiting for the playoffs

lol… that does suck for him. I know if I were ever in that situation I’d do something similar.


My god that is the funniest thing ever! hahahaha :slight_smile:

that poor poor man, forever imortilized as a clutz on national televesion.

thats no worse than the woman who won a contest to kick a 30 yd field goal ata football game , knowing she couldnt do it she and they allowed her husband to do it , and when he kicked the ball it went like 15 yds :stuck_out_tongue: the wife ws quoted as saying " I shoulda just done it myself , it would have went at least 5 yds farther " :x

that sucks… it’s so funny…