Hoi All!

Well my 8 day travel “across the pond” is coming to the end. Acctually, i am in the airport, Heathrow, right now.

It’s been a great time, got here Friday morning (London that is) and leave today. Stayed in London until Tuesday where i took the Eurostar over to Paris, stayed there for Tuesday and Wednessday and then Eurostared back into London. Paris is great, but so is london :wink:

First time in Paris and lemme tell you, so much to see, and we packed a whole lot in two days :crazy: We went on a Segway tour through the city at night, now THAT was fun, highlight of the trip.

Well, the highlight of Paris at least, that city is so b-e-a-utiful at night. I had about 100 pictures on my camera, and i kinda deleted them all, so one day of Paris is gone (Notre Dame, on top of Arc de Triumph, and i think thats it), but i did come out with 675 photos strong, and thanks to iPhoto (had to throw in a Mac pitch) they are on my Macs HDD getting ready to be posted when i get home.

The other highlight i had was the second meeting of two Kirupa Forum members! NJS and I met for lunch and then we hopped off to Harrods (where we just looked with open mouths :P) Pictures coming soon like i said.

We packed a whole lot of stuff in the trip lemme tell you :crazy:

On Thursday we went on a cool little tour. Out to Warwickshire, then we went to the birthplace of Shakespear (forgot the town name), and then to Oxfordshire to the Christ’s Church College (part of Oxford Uni), thats where some of the Harry Potter movies were filmed, so THAT was an awsome trip in itself.

The forums look like they are holding up, notcied new buttons on the Blue style? Great job whoever did those.

I will be back in full posting when i get back home (unless i have free net in the hotel in NY tonight) and then you will get pictures.

Just wanted to update you all, so you know what i have been up to. Thought it was a cool trip so i wanted to share it.

Hope all is well and talk with you all soon, and like i said, pictures ASAP.