saw everyone else doin it and thought i’d join on the fun.
[swf=“http://home.cfl.rr.com/error42/kirupa/pfire.swf height=60 width=115”][/swf]
to the left is my pixel person holding the box to the right. the extremes of the flame were made in paint along with my pixel person then imported into flash.

Very nice :slight_smile: The fire is great!

yeah it is! its cool man! but where have you been?

weoow! nice one… you have a firy hot footer that stays cool! =)

one day, i wanna have that firy thing on mine :stuck_out_tongue:

been playing shadowbane and working in a friends design team :slight_smile:

really cool. you guys use paint to make those pixel people. i should try that. must have taken you a long time to sit there and paint every pixel on the person and the flames. :crazy:

I have always loved this fire effect, Great 1 m8 =)


nice :smiley: