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Hey, would you guys mind taking a look at the home page for a site I’m working on? It’s all coded out and whatnot, but links don’t actually go anywhere yet (however, you can click on the four right links in that header box, they rotate through the different sections).

The site is for an awesome company that does emergency medical training. They do all sorts of courses, both urban and wilderness, but the majority of their courses are wilderness, and that is the emphasis in their marketing.

I don’t have a ton of flexibility with the design, since the client has already decided to go with it, but any opinions / pointers / insults would be much appreciated. I’d especially like to see if anybody is having any viewing issues with it, and if so what OS/browser/resolution.

Also, the “Course Venues” section isn’t quite functional yet - the plan is to have it behave sort of like the main box with the four menu items on the right, except that when you hover over the different locales, an appropriate image will show up in the frame. I don’t have the images yet, so it doesn’t do anything right now.

Thanks :beer:

Ze Link!

// Edit: And here’s a sub page example to check out (again, no links work yet):

Ze Second Link!