Hopefully quick and easy

I’m doing a simple audio player for a website. However, the way it’s currently set up is every time you click on a different page, the music starts over. And even worse, if you want to turn it off you have to click it off on each page.

I’m aware that you can make flash games auto save info, so the next time the user goes to your site the game will pick up where it left off.

What’s an easy way to have the swf auto save what frame of the scene it was on when you closed the browser, and if it was playing or stopped. This way, when you click from page to page it knows where you left off and the music will resume from that frame. Or it will know if you had stopped it.

Here’s the .fla, I compressed the audio down, since the quality of it doesn’t really matter in this instance. http://uploading.com/files/8YLZ4FTO/music1.rar.html

(ps. I know this isn’t game related, but I figured if you know enough about flash to be in this section, you’d be able to answer this pretty easily, I hope)
and the site it’s going on, as it is currently, incase you’re curious http://thejaredwilcurt.com/temp/indyarts